Estes SureMove

Estes SureMove

Save Money And Stress Less With Our Long-Distance Moving Container Solution

At Estes, we know long-distance moves are overwhelming and expensive. That’s why we offer Estes SureMove, a reliable, self-service moving container solution that helps you make long-distance moves for less.

Don’t want to pay for a full-service moving company? Estes SureMove has you covered. Simply pack and prepare your items, then load them into the 28-foot trailer we’ve dropped off at your home or office. Once you’re loaded up and ready to go, we’ll drive the trailer to your new destination—then all you have to do is unload!

Trust your long-distance move to Estes SureMove and:

  • Only pay for the trailer space you use
  • Receive a $50 discount if you book within five days of getting your quote
  • Get $10,000 of Declared Value coverage on your move if you provide us with a packing list in advance

And active-duty military can get a government reimbursement on our moving and storage container services as well as a 10% discount!

Estes SureMove is an affordable alternative to other moving container solutions and is backed by Estes’ resources, equipment, and vast nationwide transportation network. Get an automated quote today or learn more about how Estes SureMove makes long-distance moving easy.