Reliable Cross-Border Mexico Shipping

If you’re looking for reliable, cross-border Mexico shipping solutions, Estes delivers more than just your freight—we deliver peace of mind. Through our partnership with Almex, a leader in Mexico cross-border LTL shipping for more than 70 years, Estes provides a complete solution for getting your Mexico freight safely across the border.

Trust your Mexico freight to Estes and enjoy:
  • Reliable, end-to-end service to and from Mexico, thanks to Almex’s more than 50 terminals south of the border
  • Virtually all-points LTL coverage throughout Mexico, including delivery to any commercial address
  • Expedited services from the U.S. to all points in Mexico

Estes also has dedicated bilingual experts, available by phone to answer questions and help you conquer language barriers with your receivers. For assistance, please contact our bilingual experts at 1-866-ESTES4U (378-3748) and press 7. Bilingual team members are also available at each border terminal.

Please note: We do not offer hazmat shipping between the U.S. and Mexico.

International shipments to and from Mexico require some planning and paperwork, but we’ve got you covered.

  • Customs broker: You’ll need a customs broker to get your freight across the border; generally, the consignee chooses the broker. Be sure to include the broker’s name and contact information on the Bill of Lading (BOL). While we don’t recommend one broker over another, we can provide you with a list of brokers if you don’t already have one. Call us at 1-866-ESTES4U (378-3748), and press 415.
  • Southbound freight travels through our U.S. network to the U.S./Mexico border, where the Mexico broker’s U.S. agent coordinates the crossing with the Mexico Customs broker. Once freight is cleared by customs, a drayage carrier delivers the shipment to our designated carrier in Mexico. They deliver the freight to the ultimate consignee.
  • Northbound freight is coordinated by Mexico specialists on our Customer Care team. Shipments are routed through our Mexico network to the U.S. border and delivered to the Mexico Customs broker/U.S. agent to arrange the border crossing. The Mexico broker arranges drayage to move the shipment across the border and deliver it to a nearby Estes terminal or to a freight forwarder chosen by the exporter. The freight is then routed through the Estes network for delivery to the consignee.

To get Mexico shipments moving, you can:

We’re available on both sides of the border to help get you started, and we have experienced, dedicated border personnel and bilingual experts to facilitate your border clearance. 

Please note that:

  • A border-crossing fee is added at the time of the rate request
  • Broker fees, drayage fees and duties are all payable by the importer/consignee directly to the broker; terms of sale between the seller and buyer will ultimately determine who is responsible for broker and broker-related charges
  • Beyond charges apply to some more remote destinations; for points that require special arrangements, call 1-866-ESTES4U (378-3748) and press 432

For cross-border Mexico freight, you 'll need:

Southbound Northbound
Electronic Export Information (EEI), usually filed by the U.S. agent of the Mexico Customs broker Commercial Invoice
Mexico Bill of Lading (BOL) Packing slip
Certificate of Origin (CTO) or USMCA CTO Pedimento (filed by Mexico Customs broker)
Commercial Invoice Certificate of Origin (CTO) or USMCA CTO
Packing slip Bill of Lading

To get the necessary forms for Mexico shipping, visit our Shipping Forms and Documents page.

You'll have visibility on your Mexican freight shipments from origin to destination. Track on our Shipment Tracker (no login required), through My Estes, or call 1-866-ESTES4U (378-3748) and press 414 (or press 2 for Time Critical Guaranteed shipments).